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Ready to pursue your passion for baking? You’ve come to the right place. 在美高梅MGM娱乐,你可以接触到所有甜的和咸的东西. 在小班授课中学习,专家教师在您身边,世界一流的设备在您的指尖. 多亏了精简的格式,你可以在一年内准备好投入你的职业生涯!

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You're on your way to becoming a tomorrow maker.


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Seamless Associate-to-Bachelor Degree Pathway


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  • Cake decorator
  • Baker
  • Pastry cook
  • Confectioner

美高梅MGM娱乐美高梅棋牌娱乐相信你的教育经历应该超越专业技能. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

专业化需要深入的知识和高水平的熟练程度. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

  • Purchasing (FHD117)
  • Sanitation (FHD118)
  • National Sanitation Certification (NSC)
  • Introductory Baking (FHD137)
  • Cakes & Decorations (FHD138)
  • Professional Bakery Production (FHD214)
  • Foundations of Professional Cooking (FHD101)
  • Careers in Hospitality (FHD104)
  • Menu Planning & Cost Control (FHD125)
  • Directed Baking & Pastry Elective (BKP)
  • Principles of Chocolate Works (FHD141)
  • Classical & Specialty Dessert Presentation (FHD270)
  • Cakes, Pastries & Desserts (FHD276)
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Internship (FHD279)

透视图是观点,提供了多种理解、交互和分析的方式 influencing the world. 学生识别、解释和利用美高梅棋牌娱乐和教师使用的方法 研究、分析或理解问题并提供解决方案的专业人士.

基础是实践、智力和社交技能; communication, 协作,批判性和伦理思维,定量思维和技术素养 这对每个学生在每个教育阶段和每个人生阶段都是至关重要的.

  • Math Elective (MTH011 or Higher) (MPE)
  • Communications (ENL010) or
  • English Composition I (ENL111)
Virtual Tour

Baking & Culinary

带你去参观一下用于教学和年轻大厨餐厅的厨房幕后, our on-campus casual fine dining restaurant. 现场实验室让学生有机会把他们的才能放在桌子上,与真正的客户一起工作.

Baking & Pastry Arts Lab

Baking & Pastry Arts Lab

美高梅棋牌娱乐宽敞的实验室里测试你的技术,这里配备了世界一流的设备,比如MIWE Condo四层烤箱和集成装载机.

Le Jeune Patissier at the Market

Le Jeune Patissier at the Market

在高级烘焙中开发从概念到最终销售的产品 & Pastry Operations class. Students create items from their menu, 然后在Le Jeune Patissier at the Market出售他们的产品——这是校园里的一个小零售空间, open to the public.

Student Experience

美高梅MGM娱乐提供了很多我在其他任何地方都无法获得的机会! 有多少人能说他们每年都在大学和教授的支持下去肯塔基赛马会上班?!"

Gloria Boronow

Tour Schedule

Seeing is believing.

Think Penn College might be a good fit for you? 制定参观计划,探索实践学习的真谛.

Jul 13

Undergraduate Open House

Saturday, July 139 AM - 3 PM


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Let's customize a tour for you now. Call, chat, or email for options.


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Industry Partners

Work with experts to become an expert

美高梅MGM娱乐强大的合作伙伴关系影响着你的每一步——从你在教室和实验室的第一天起, to career placement (oftentimes before graduation) and beyond.

American Culinary Federation Logo
Guittard Chocolate Logo
Compass Group Logo
Wine Spectator Award
Student Life

Lead and put your skills to the test

American Culinary Federation

American Culinary Federation

This national organization promotes the image of American chefs. 鼓励学生加入并获得ACF认证. 该课程的毕业生在当地ACF分会保持活跃的初级会员资格,有资格免费获得认证厨师资格.

Student Organizations at Penn College

Student Organizations at Penn College

Your college experience is about more than the classroom. Join one of 70+ clubs and organizations, or create your own.

Penn College News

Local hospitality enterprises welcome college culinary visitors

Seven students – accompanied by instructors Chef Mary G. 酒店管理/烹饪艺术助理教授Trometter和厨师Amanda L. Farr-Lepper, 烹饪艺术助理教授,最近拜访了威廉斯波特市中心的几家酒店供应商. The baking & 烹饪专业的学生参加了设施规划课程.


Kentucky Derby 'appetizer' offered on WNEP-TV

WNEP-TV的麦肯齐·Aucker访问了Le Jeune Chef餐厅,做了一个关于美高梅MGM娱乐学生下周在第150届肯塔基赛马上烹饪的“开胃”故事. 超过25名学生将延续学院的传统,在整个德比周期间为丘吉尔唐斯的高级场地准备食物.


Penn College students to help feed fans at Kentucky Derby

著名的肯塔基赛马在5月4日庆祝了它的第150届比赛, 美高梅棋牌娱乐的学生和员工将采取行动, providing gourmet dining to VIP spectators. 26名美高梅MGM娱乐的学生在利维餐厅的工作人员的校园面试后被选中参加德比周实习, 在丘吉尔唐斯(肯塔基赛马的主场)提供餐饮服务.


Your knowledge in practice

Show them what you've got. 实习经历可以让学生在毕业前体验一下就业机会. In fact, many lead to job offers!


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Student Experience

The community as their classroom

National Candy Show

National Candy Show

Faculty, students teach at Philadelphia National Candy Show.

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More Information

Professionalism is the signature of this Certificate, and is the expectation for performance and appearance. Uniform and personal appearance standards are strictly enforced. 学生须刮得干干净净(唇以上可留整齐的小胡子)。, have properly contained hair (top of ear and back of collar for men; tied up and under hat for women, utilizing a net if necessary - no protruding bangs). In labs, no excessive makeup and no jewelry are allowed, including rings, watches and earrings or visible piercings of any style.

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替代学分是指通过完成传统大学课程以外的其他方式获得的学分, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Visit the Alternative Credit Options美高梅棋牌娱乐的课程目录的一般要求和程序,并通过大学先修学分的信息页.

Students require a 烘焙和糕点艺术工具包,以及专业的烹饪制服 when working in lab. Both items are currently available through The College Store and are consistent with the AAS degree program.

  • Ms. Tabitha H Barbarito, Project Manager, PASA Sustainable Agriculture
  • Mr. Francis A Daniele, Chef/Owner, Joanna's Italian Bakery
  • Ms. Diane L Dorner, '79, District Supervisor, Carrols Corporation
  • Mr. Joel Hough, Regional Manager, The Restaurant Store
  • Mr. Chris Kowalewski, Chief Growth Officer & Senior VP of Sales, Compass Group North America
  • Mr. George Logue, III, '10, Co-owner/Chef, Herman & Luther's
  • Ms. Erin Oggier, '06, Executive Chef, Brock & Company
  • Mr. Kristan T Patterson, Chief Artisan Baker, Penn State University Bakery

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  • Career Fair Connections

    Career Fair Connections

    Penn College graduates are in high demand. Employer participation at the Career Fair is proof. Attracting 400+ organizations, 这个受欢迎的活动每年举办两次,向学生介绍各种类型的企业,从初创公司到财富500强公司. 

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