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2024年夏季生效, students will receive a notice of Consumer Protection Information the first Tuesday of each semester via AdminWire.

Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial  Aid Information 

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  • 美高梅MGM娱乐的年度安全 & 消防安全报告
    The report includes information related to: security procedures, 预防毒品和酒精, 1988年无毒品工作场所法案, 1989年《美高梅MGM娱乐》, 消防统计及安全(校内房屋), 犯罪统计数据, 犯罪报告.
    This publication is also made available in print form to students and employees.
  • Crime Alerts
    A Daily Crime Log is available to the campus community via the 警察门户网站 (需要登录).




Job Placement Rates, Graduate/Professional Education Data


关怀法案报告 & HEERF Grants


  • 根据2018年第80号法案, 美高梅棋牌娱乐 makes public this five year report of alleged incidents resulting in a charge of hazing. Our college demonstrates full support of the Timothy Piazza Anti-Hazing law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and provides a twice-annual update of this report.
  • 使朦胧包括, 但不限于, any behavior and/or acts of servitude that is designed or intended to humiliate, degrade, embarrass, harass, 或者嘲笑一个人, or that which a reasonable person would deem harmful or potentially harmful to an individual’s physical, emotional, 或者心理健康, as an actual or perceived condition of new or continued affiliation with any organization, and/or team. Hazing also includes knowingly or recklessly engaging in such behavior and/or acts.
  • Each violation will include the name of the organization charged, 收费日期, 对违规行为的一般描述, 调查结果和制裁, 决议日期. 
  • To report a hazing incident, talk with your coach, faculty member, organization advisor or the 学生参与办公室. To send a confidential report of hazing please submit the form at If you choose to give your contact information it will remain confidential. Your identity will not be disclosed to the individuals or groups in question.
  • 2014-15学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2015-16学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2016-17学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2017-18学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2018-19学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2019-20学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2020-21学年: 无事故报告.
  • 2021-22学年: 无事故报告.








Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid


Educational Programs, Instructional Facilities, and Faculty


Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institution and Programs




Penn College strives to ensure the highest quality in all of our academic and departmental operations for all our students. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your concerns.

美高梅棋牌娱乐( )是一所获认可的机构,也是 中部州高等教育委员会(MSCHE) . 美高梅棋牌娱乐’s accreditation status is Accreditation Reaffirmed. The Commission’s most recent action on the institution’s accreditation status on June 23, 2022年是重申认证.

MSCHE is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education (CHEA).

美高梅棋牌娱乐 is authorized to operate by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.