Explore the vast world of technological sciences and engineering with hands-on experiences.


科技正在重新定义美高梅棋牌娱乐的未来. That’s why we design our programs to meet industry demands now, and down the road. 通过自动化工程之类的课程, aviation, and plastics, our students are mastering diverse technical skills that have the power to transform tomorrow.



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Push your passion one step further with a bachelor's degree in 应用科技研究.


Earn credits from your apprenticeship experience and apply them to a career-boosting degree.

Architecture & Sustainable Design

Make a lasting impact designing all kinds of spaces with industry-leading software including AutoCAD, Revit, Trimble Sketchup, and Adobe Photoshop.

Automated Manufacturing & Machining

Hone the technical skills you need to be a part of a rapidly growing career field.


Hone the technical skills you need to be a part of a rapidly growing career field.


有三个学位可供选择, 进入专门的学习实验室, 以及专业的师资队伍, 美高梅MGM娱乐是开启你未来的地方.


Learn how to centrally manage building systems and automatically control features like room temperature, elevators, and security systems. 

Building Construction

Whether you’re drawn to the technology behind residential construction or have an interest in rising to management, 有一个机会在等着你.

Civil Engineering

从社区公园到交通繁忙的桥梁, you'll play a vital role in creating and maintaining the infrastructure where we live, work, and play.

Collision Repair & Restoration

Whether you enjoy working with modern cars and trucks or prefer vintage vehicles, 美高梅棋牌娱乐的课程提供理论和专业培训,为您的未来加油.

Construction Management

在会议室和工作现场发挥领导作用, 承接从小到大的各类建设项目.

柴油卡车,重型设备 & Power Generation

Dive into power-packed programs with specialized training that employers want most.


学习电气和自动化系统的所有细节, 在专业实验室接受训练,使用专业设备.

Electronics & 计算机工程技术

选择从主机互联, yet diverse majors, ranging from automation and computer engineering to electronics and robotics.

Engineering & 工业设计技术



无论是在教室里还是在田野里, 森林技术专业的学生从第一天起就在为自己的未来做准备.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Begin with an associate degree that focuses on technical know-how and continue on for your bachelor’s, 哪些技术方面与设计相结合, engineering, and business skills.


在这个综合项目中占据主导地位. Train to become a heavy equipment operator and you'll dig into everything from tools, hardware, 并且要安全的进行现场工程和布置.

Information Technology



Pursue a career in landscape/plant production at Penn College and you’ll be at home in our living labs, cultivating real-world experience and nurturing the in-demand skills to thrive.

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT verifies the quality of welding ultimately leading to safer and more reliable products. 了解更多关于这个重要且不断发展的领域提供的项目.

Polymer Engineering

Dive into extensive hands-on training with industrial-scale processing equipment in one of our two ABET-accredited plastics programs.

Welding & Metal Fabrication


Minors & Immersions

Pair a minor with any bachelor's degree, or an immersion with any bachelor's or associate's degree.


Faculty & Staff


When you study at Penn College, your instructors will do more than know your name. They'll get to know you. Experienced, passionate, 并致力于你的成功, 美高梅MGM娱乐的教职员工在这里支持你的学术之旅.

Meet Faculty and Staff



Baja SAE Williamsport is poised to “put Pennsylvania and Williamsport on the map,” according to the 美高梅棋牌娱乐工程技术系主任. In this engaging video created by Pennsylvania Senate videographer Jason Troutman, hear more about the financial boost the international engineering competition will give to the community. “It’s like a mini Little League World Series for Williamsport,” says Bradley M. Webb.



适应WBRE的“PA直播”!采访沙发,布拉德利·M. Webb, 美高梅棋牌娱乐工程技术系主任, 分享独家巴哈SAE威廉斯波特, 从本周晚些时候开始,一直持续到周末. 在与“PA直播”的生动对话中!Chris Bohinski和Rachel Malak共同主持, Webb gives an informative glimpse into the international competition and how the public can get involved. 一定要观看这个五分钟的生动片段.



美高梅棋牌娱乐 conducted three commencement ceremonies on May 10-11 for about 725 students who completed academic requirements during the Spring 2024 semester. 下面是对仪式的快速回顾. (Sprints were many as graduates and guests dodged raindrops both days but enjoyed interludes of sunshine and overflowing pride and joy.)请继续关注未来几天美高梅MGM娱乐新闻的更多照片.


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Gain global experience

通过威廉斯堡看世界. Take your education abroad and get hands-on experience learning about your industry on a global scale.

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Dean's Message

“Our faculty, possessing both industry experience in their disciplines as well as the appropriate academic credentials, 不知疲倦地工作,以平衡理论与实际应用."

Bradley M. Webb, Ph.D.


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More than 4 million jobs in advanced manufacturing are expected to open in the next 10 years. 由于退休和缺乏新工人进入该领域, 行业专家认为,其中有200万个职位空缺. 美高梅MGM娱乐获得685美元,297 from the National Science Foundation: Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program to help lessen this growing talent gap in the advanced manufacturing industry. Please click the links below to learn what Penn College is doing to help bolster America’s workforce!


Our nation faces critical projected shortages of skilled aviation maintenance professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a faster than average job growth for aircraft technicians of five percent from 2019 to 2029.* The Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) estimates a need for more than 10,以满足全国市场的需求.**美高梅MGM娱乐获得214美元的航空劳动力发展补助金,500 from the FAA to help bolster the numbers of individuals entering these rewarding careers.

A Collaborative Approach to Expanding Nondestructive Testing Education within a Welding Program

This project aims to address the growing unmet need for skilled technicians in nondestructive testing. 无损检测用于检测结构的安全性, vehicles, 利用超声波和x射线分析等技术对血管进行检测. 无损检测技术帮助美国.S. vessel, vehicle, pipeline, 基础设施行业符合质量和安全保证要求, 从而防止伤害或生命损失. The shortage of workers in nondestructive testing results from both high industry demand and a shortage of training programs.

Pre-College Programs


We get it. 选择职业道路是一个重大的决定. 大学预科课程是实践教育的完美入门. 今年夏天加入美高梅棋牌娱乐的项目,看看美高梅MGM娱乐是什么样子的.

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探索工程概念和职业,如机器人和电子, 塑料与高分子工程, machining, and welding.


Thingamajig Fabricators

体验现代制造业的奇迹. 学习日常物品是如何设计和制造的.