Po-Ju Sung

  • Taiwan
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Caterpillar Equipment Emphasis
Po-Ju Sung

Q&A with Po-Ju

What are you studying?

My major is heavy equipment technology, which is maintaining the heavy equipment. I am in a two-year program right now, and I’m looking forward to doing two years in applied management, which is a bachelor’s degree.

What is your dream job?

To be a technician for heavy equipment.

How did you hear about Penn College?

My high school teacher came here before. He was writing about hands-on education. I read his research and found out about this school.

What’s your favorite class?

I would say the powertrain class for my major. That’s the most interesting class I have ever had. It was a first-semester class.

What do you love most about Penn College?

The hands-on education. That’s the biggest thing that I came for.

Have you gotten involved in the community?

I am currently in the Penn College Motorsports Association. We do a lot of fun stuff, like sometimes during the weekend we will go to the drag strip to see how fast our car can run.