A Taste of Technology: Sweet and Savory Science®


  • School of Business, Arts & Sciences
  • Academic Center, Rm. 102

Think there is no STEM in food? Let Pennsylvania College of Technology change your mind at our “A Taste of Technology: Sweet and Savory Science ®” educational demonstrations. The hands-on activities allow participants to create and taste some sweet and savory food while discovering the relationship between science, math, and technology by using exciting food preparation techniques.

Lesson Plan

Spherification & Reverse Sperification

Apply STEM concepts to create a change of state using the process of spherification.

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Modernist Kitchen – Liquid Nitrogen

Chef Frank Suchwala shares techniques for using liquid nitrogen in the kitchen.

Culinary Students Add Flavor To Science Festival

Culinary Arts students and faculty served a "Taste of Technology" at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. From frozen Teddy Grahams to instant ice cream, the students fed guests' curiosity and appetite. 

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Summer is a time for exploring

We get it. Committing to a career path is a big decision. Pre-College Programs are the perfect introduction to hands-on education. Join us for a program this summer and see what Penn College is all about.

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Future Restaurateurs

Join chefs from Penn College’s hospitality department for a fun-filled program focusing on baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, and hospitality management.

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