Graphic Design Summer Studio


The Graphic Design Summer Studio is an intensive three-day workshop that guides participants through the graphic design process from ideation and concept development to production. High school students interested in a career in graphic design will have an opportunity to work with faculty and students in the development of real-world visual design solutions. Workshops will take place in cutting-edge labs and studios and utilize industry standard hardware and software. The workshop culminates in an exhibition for parents and families and will feature the work produced over the three days.



年龄段: Students entering grades 10-12

费用: $375
Includes all activities, meals, on-campus housing. 



7月 19

12月 31

Student exhibition

父母 are invited to the exhibition in the Campus Center Rotunda.

*Time and date are tentative.*

2024 Workshop Theme: TBD

Topics and workshops will vary each summer to provide participants with the opportunity to broaden their graphic design knowledge and experience.


This workshop examines graphic design from the standpoint of brand and marketing as it relates to package design. In a design studio environment, participants will develop and produce product package designs for an assigned business.

Visual Communications

Participants are introduced to graphic design and the graphic design process. This workshop will cover concept development and consider how designers formulate solutions to complicated design problems.

Computer Graphics

Using industry-standard software, students will create graphics and experiment with typography.

Production Methods

Participants are introduced to the standard methods of graphic design production and presentation. This includes learning about file preparation, 印刷, displaying work for both clients and a portfolio. The workshop will culminate in a student show featuring the work created during the summer studio.


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